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Discover authentic Myanmar

on this adventurous excursion along the banks of the Irrawaddy to Sale. 

This four hour guided motorbike tour will give you an insight into the daily working life of the local population and take you to Sale where you will discover corn cob temples from the Bagan era strewn across several hills far from any town. Your driver will collect you at the Guest House at 7:30am. The route will take you across sandy tracks along the river bank, where you will encounter a colorful and seemingly never ending procession of people going to work on foot or by motorbike, women carrying heavy loads on their heads, children in their uniforms on their long and dusty way to school or ox carts squeezing their way past oncoming traffic. Tap on your driver's shoulder whenever you care to stop for photos.

After an hours drive, a refreshing drink awaits you

in the small hamlet Phayar Gone. Fertile fields with laborers wearing khamauk, the typical conical bamboo hats, herds of goat and cattle, picturesque little roadside shops and impressive Banyan trees are all a part of the timeless scenery. In Sale you are free to roam around the hills and discover the three dozen temples; a few have unfortunately suffered the ravages of time. Inside the others you will discover wall paintings, some with Mahayana motives. They are as intricate and beautiful as usually seen only in Bagan. As an added bonus there are no entrance fees, no hawkers, no “do not touch” signs.  On the way back, there is an optional stop to visit the craftsmen of Nyaung Pin Thar, dedicated and talented basket makers happy to welcome interested visitors.


  • Helmets are provided
  • Price US$ 15, including motorbike with driver, refreshment at tea shop in Phayar Gone and bottled water for the entire morning
  • one-day advance reservation is required
Motorbike safari
Motorbike safari
The sandy road
The sandy road